Myths about Customization you need to stop believing right now!

Let’s admit it, all of us, at some point in our lives, wanted something made just for their own. If not that, you indeed would have craved something as unique as a piece of decoration that you saw at your friend’s house, but the thought of getting it customized scares you? Every time we think of customization, people are always telling you how hassling it is or how worthless it is, or it’ll look cheap, yada yada yada.
In the world of conflicting information, let’s get our facts straight and bust some myths!


Customization means Tshirts and keychains

Who doesn’t have a polo shirt with embroidery on the left side or a keychain with their name written on it? Aren’t those the things that pop up in your head first when someone talks about customization? It’s okay; you’re not alone. Items like these have become so common that over time we have formed the misconception in our head that it is limited to just that.
Sure, that would’ve been true about 50 years ago, but in the modern era, you can get anything you want. From keychains to furniture to industrial equipment, whatever you want is just a phone call away. So let’s open up our minds about it and accept the fact that when it comes to customization, the sky is the limit!


It should look exactly like a branded product

How many times have you looked for the brand before buying something? Too many times to remember, right? We have become so brand frenzy that we are always searching for our favorite and some famous brand. Brands have become the social status symbol; anything that doesn’t fit the criteria is considered flawed. Due to this, we come across people who want something that is an imitation of their favorite brand, which robs them of the uniqueness of the product and any further scope of customization.
We, as a society, need to move past this concept and understand how customized products in itself speak volumes and are priceless, and we need to realize that there are other factors to judge a work than just a brand name.
Talking about Imitations, they’re not only prohibited but also ethically as wrong as stealing. So spare yourself the trouble of having an awkward conversation with your service provider by asking them to make something exactly like the existing design.

MYTH # 3

Its too much hassle!

Earlier, if I wanted a custom sofa made, I had to talk to the interior designer to match it with the theme of my room, then I had to source the wood, the fabric, the foam, and so on. Finally get it to the craftsman and convince him to make it for you, ugh too much hassle. In those times, resorting to a mass-produced sofa felt like the way to go.

Gone are the days when you had to make a hundred phone calls and get fifty appointments to get one thing made for you. Now everything is available on your fingertips, just in a phone call, and it’s done. Let’s suppose you need something, but you have got not a clue about designing or what would suit your needs that best; you can get people to do it for you; you don’t need to be an expert on something to get your needs met.

Now, isn’t that convenient!?

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